Oak grove of Catasós

Oak grove of Catasós:
Giants of wood

Passing through Lalín, you should not miss this impressive place, it is only 4 km away and you have huge trees: oaks and chestnut trees. The latter, over 200 years and 30 meters high, are presumed to be the highest in Europe.

Currently listed as a natural monument, but they were planted with various fines.

Map and route profile

Distance from thisd QR to the Oak grove of Catasós:

3 kms

40 minutes walking


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Circular route of 1.2 Kms, without slope and easy to perform, so it is suitable for all types of public

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Further information:

Once belonging to the Quiroga de Catasós family, residents of a nearby pazo, (where the distinguished Emilia Pardo Bazán, married to one of their descendants, wrote part of “Los pazos de Ulloa”) is a mixed forest full of trees incredible in size and perfection: chestnuts, oaks and some cork oaks.

In the past, the chestnuts served as sustenance for the harsh winter months and the wood from their trunks was used to make beams for the beams of the pazos in the area.

Here you will find 200-year-old chestnut trees that are 30 metres tall (the tallest in Europe) and 5.5 metres in circumference and which, as a whole, have the highest annual growth rate in all of Europe.

In 1954 they were visited by the American plant pathologist Flippo Gravatt, who presented them to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations), proposing their protection. In 1998 they became the property of the Regional Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment. In 2000 it was catalogued as a Natural Monument.

The route through the forge is short and entertaining. Very suitable for a family walk, it will arouse the curiosity of the children due to the singularity of its ecosystem. It has a circular path, blurred in many sections by the leaf litter that invites you to stop and enjoy the sounds of the forest.

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