Soutoxuste Natural Area

Soutoxuste Natural Area

Continuing along the Ensenada de San Simón, we reach the Soutoxuste Natural Area, where the intertidal plains leave spectacular landscapes at low tide, where, if we are lucky, we can see waders, shellfish gatherers and typical fishing traps of the area.

The tide recedes hundreds of metres, leaving marshy areas full of life, which the birds and local residents take advantage of to feed.

Stop walking and enjoy this unique place.

Distance from here to the Soutoxuste Natural Area


Use binoculars to watch the birds foraging for food among the silt of the intertidal zone.

Low tide will leave you with a unique landscape, and you may even see shellfish gatherers working on the sand.

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Sediments from nearby rivers, such as rock particles, clays and other detritus, are carried here by the force of the water and when they meet the calm waters of the sea, they slow down and settle in sheltered and protected areas, such as bays, lagoons and estuaries. These are tidal flats, generally important regions for wildlife that support a large population, although the level of biodiversity is not particularly high. They are often of particular importance for migratory birds.

The maintenance of tidal flats is important to prevent coastal erosion. However, all tidal flats around the world are under threat if predictions of sea level rise are true; in addition, many are threatened by urban pressures to make new land available for development, or by dredging for shipping or by soil pollution.

This is due to the very flat coastline of the bottom of the Vigo estuary, which has little wave energy and generates this large intertidal zone.

Bivalves, waders, migratory and resident birds… the life in this place is guaranteed. Do you dare to walk through its mud without disturbing its fauna?

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