Discover the natural areas of Galicia with our professional guides specialised in nature.

You will also discover all that nature has offered to its neighbours, learning about the ethnography, history, culture and intangible heritage associated with these places.

We have multidisciplinary routes within your reach, and other thematic routes that will allow you to discover the secrets you are looking for.

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6 Hours
Vámonos remando en kayak a San Simón!! ¿Quieres descubrir un lugar impresionante de la forma más entretenida posible? Acompáñanos a través de las aguas de la Ensenada de San Simón hasta la isla de su mismo nombre, llamada: “La isla de la memoria” y desembarca para conocerla por dentro. Un lugar cargado de sorpresas. Desde épocas prehistóricas ha sido utilizada con diferentes fines: relajación, lazareto, cárcel para presos políticos, orfanato… ¿Aún no la conoces? No te la puedes perder. Embárcate con nosotros en un viaje único, donde conocerás una batea de mejillón, el monumento a Jules Verne, la isla de San Simón, remarás, reirás, te mojarás y disfrutarás en la mejor compañía y con la máxima seguridad.
25 People
5 Days 4 Nights
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Galicia , Spain
Package to visit all the islands of the Illas Atlánticas National Park in Galicia, and some other places of interest nearby.
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14 People
5 Days 4 Nights
Galicia , Spain
Galicia is the most north-western autonomous community of the Iberian Peninsula and is characterised by the contrast between the coastal reliefs, of low altitude, and the interior, of a higher altitude, with which it has strong contrasts in its geography. The differences between its inland ecosystems (forests of great ecological interest), the mountain ranges of the Galician Ridge, where the clouds of the Atlantic Ocean find their first barrier and the coasts with their impressive cliffs, will delight nature lovers. During 6 days we will visit different natural enclaves of high value and little known.
From 820,00
14 People
3 Days 2 Nights
Galicia , Spain
On the Galician shore we find a multitude of different habitats that host a large population of birds, especially in migration and during the winter. But there is even more: the coast of A Guarda, open to the Atlantic, is a good balcony to observe seabirds. The inlet of O Vao in O Grove...
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