Arzúa is a town in A Coruña, located in the region of the same name, the region of Arzúa. It is the last large town on the French Way before the pilgrims reach Santiago de Compostela. It has beautiful natural surroundings and the layout of this town is closely related to the French Way of St. James, which crosses the town. The first important growth of the town took place in the 11th century, during the first heyday of the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago de Compostela. The development of Arzúa as a city came in the middle of the 20th century, coinciding with the renewed boom of the Pilgrim’s Way.Arzúa is known as the town of cheese, with designation of origin (Arzúa-Ulloa). This product is known for its smoothness and creaminess, its aroma and slightly salty flavour.

Another important product in this town is honey, favoured by the good climate and the flora of these lands. In the centre of the village, various establishments offer pilgrims these much sought-after products. In addition, both products also feature in one of the places to visit in the centre, the Cheese and Honey Interpretation Centre.


Cheese and Honey Interpretation Centre

Plaza de Galicia: Square with a quadrangular ground plan located in the centre of the town. Its promenade is made up of centenary plane trees, the parish church of Santiago, the monument to Las Queseras and the Fuente de los Becerros (Fountain of the calves).

Monument to Las Queseras: Sculpture representing a traditional cheese-maker from the early 20th century to honour the women who made this product the town’s hallmark.

Fuente de los becerros (Fountain of the calves): Stone sculpture representing two cattle breeders, a woman and a man, holding two calves. It alludes to the town’s long tradition of livestock farming.

Monument to the emigrant. Sculpture representing a person carrying a suitcase in allusion to emigration.

Monument to the Pilgrim: Sculpture made up of a shaft on which is carved the effigy of a pilgrim. It is located on the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago de Compostela in the centre of the town.

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